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Any chance that there might be a Mac version ever? <3

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I can't promise anything for Mac (as much as I love supporting Mac players), but in the meantime, I hear things like Wine for Mac and Proton for Linux are both compatible and work well!

Obviously hoping for a native port, but good to know! Thanks!

How long is this game?

About an hour, with significant replayability if you enjoy the systems!

My first idea was trying to figure out the Game Engine.

I by chance (bundle) had a game 'Can Androids Pray: Red', WRITTEN BY:  Xalavier Nelson Jr. {And DEVELOPED BY: Natalie Clayton}

It was an Unity game with Maya models, and so this could had the very same engine... (I think.)


Yes, the game is too expensive


Good news, buying it is optional.


i agree


then follow the dev and watch for it to go on sale like a normal human being ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm unable to download the game through the itch app (I assume because the zip isn't tagged as being for Windows?) Anyway, congrats on the launch, looking forward to playing this when I get off work.


I'll fix that!


The voice in the trailer was completely incomprehensible to me and my APD. Are there good subtitles in the game?

Hiya! The game doesn't currently have subtitles, but all voice lines in the game are non-essential to both the story and any gameplay information you might need.


I have subtitles on the Creed here on Youtube, I hope this helps! 


Howdy! Can I ask what platform (Windows/macOS/Linux) this is on?

It's on Windows!

i imagine they can


Depends on how good you are with a jetpack.



You're all the best and best of luck for the launch!