SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD! is a game about puns, rampant drug use, learning to enjoy life despite uncertainty, and elderly women in attack helicopters.

Also - bears.

[Note: game contains strong language, and brief scenes depicting familial abuse.]

"SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD is smart, silly and meta, which are all things that make a great interactive fiction game..."
--PC Gamer Magazine

" is fun and silly – there are bear puns galore and I laughed a lot. But it's more than that, too."

--Lynda Clark

"I found myself reflecting on how prejudice and racism in society leach inward into the family, affecting even the closest relationships; and on how long it can take as an adult to understand what your parents were trying to overcome when they raised you. Which may be a surprising thing to find in a game full of puns about air-dropping bears."

--Emily Short for Rock Paper Shotgun

Originally released as part of IF Comp 2016.


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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorStrange Scaffold
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsabuse, Animals, Comedy, emotions, family, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Surreal, Twine